The Ballad of Apocalypse: A Short Story EP by D3

by D3

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released November 21, 2015



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D3 Portage, Indiana

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Track Name: Thinking Out Loud Remix
Hey, gimme just a second, can I pick you up in 5, cause I really wanna tell you what's been going through my mind,
You ain't gotta be afraid cause we can make this right,
Cause baby you the only woman makes me feel this right,
So can we take a ride, pick a place to spend,
Just some you and I time, to give me time to vent,
Cause you're the only one who seems to make it all make since,
And after all you're the one I still call my best friend,
And I can't stand this,
It isn't how we planned it and I'll be god damned if, Imma let you leave this time,
So take my hand and try to understand that,
you are not for granted,
And when you're gone I lose my mind,
And I know, we both did some dumb shit, but baby were just dumb kids, without you though I'm nothing,
And we'll grow and one day we can smile at this,
When we be looking back thinking bout how far we been.

Hey hold up just a second, did I mention I ain't lying,
If there ever was a second chance at heaven then you're mine,
Ok OK OK I get it, let me step it back in line,
But you really keep me sweating second guessing every line,
I said fuck em all, just give me time to ball,
I don't wanna get involved, get another broken heart, but I fell and you were there to pick me up,
Well life's hell at least it's with my only one,
But What the fuck to do, got me stuck on pretty blues,
I can't get enough of you,
Everyday I'm still amazed,
How you take me down, watched my whole world crumble down,
Can't make since of nothing now,
Baby don't you go away,
Cause I know, I can't live without you're touch, I'd be a sorry mother Fucker if I lost this love,
So I hope one day we can smile at this, when we be looking back just thinking bout how far we been,

If I ain't got your attention,
Did I mention you're a dime?
And I would love to wake up knowing every morning that you're mine,
I ain't never seen a pair of eyes that leave me feeling blind,
Or a smile that make it seem like everything gon be all right,
Even when it's not,
Baby we been through a lot,
Crazy, how hard times have got,
And nothing ever broke this down,
It's still like I'm on top
I almost damn near forgot,
Things had got a little hot,
Baby don't you give up now,
Cause I just couldn't see,
not being a you and me,
Chasing down these dead end dreams,
Tryina find a way to go,
Get out this fuckin place, even if it's just a taste, pack it up and run away holding on to just this hope
And I know, we may not always get along, but baby Imma hold ya til it ain't a damn thing wrong,
And I know you love it when I sing these songs so help me write our own words for you to sing along,
Track Name: The Ballad of Apocalypse ft. Groppo
I told the world I was gon make it,
Don't believe it? You can watch me,
Bitch I'm on top of my game like I'm standing on Atari's,
But if I fall off, guess who I'm gonna call on to remind me we gon ball on,
All these haters on us, focus on the long run,
Can I hit it raw dog? Up against the wall hard,
Till I'm like a sawwed off,
Baby make me POP,
Girl roll that Swisher,
Baby back it up,
Imma take ya picture,
Aiming for the top,
We ain't taking no prisoners,
Til I get that Monte Carlo in that,
4 car garage, Imma ball on my princess,
And we gon have it all cause it all is in us,
I ain't giving up if you always in this,
And we gon live it up when the hard shit ended..

All she care about is money so they come and make it rain on her,
I ain't worried when she leaving with me,
And all I care about is power so I'm grinding til it's game over,
She ain't worried, we just chasing these dreams,
She talking bout forever, always, faithfully
(that's my do or die Yup!)

Tattoos and heartbreaks, her last dude went a long way,
When they ask, you say "I'm okay" but I mapped you like a pathway,
No bullshitting baby, I'm A pro,
I been through it all, I seen where it goes,
And she ain't wanna be just another hoe,
So she took a shot now I ain't letting go!

Flashbacks I'm passed that, tell fuckboy I bagged that,
No trust but girl you have that, got me so high like I dabbed that,
I put that on my ASCAP, rewind baby bring back that,
I'm in the studio late, she bring a stack back,
She got the club going up, Imma smash that,
Real nice and slow like Usher, Imma take my time on it,
Baby grind like a hustler, Imma treat you right don't it,
Feel good without a busta, make you wonder why you tried on him,
Best believe she ain't missing you please,
All I need is one verse, that one note,
You come first and I cut throats,
With they heads bobbing, you stay grinding,
We stay shining without diamonds,
Not a day goes by I'm not focused on the prize but my oh my,
Like Bonnie and Clyde you stay riding like the only other option you could make is dying.
Track Name: Halloween (Sequel to The Ballad)
All she care about is money so they come and make it rain on her but I never thought it meant more than me,
And all I care about is her but I really think it's game over... Baby just come back to me please,
What happened to forever, always, faithfully?

My mind says give her space and shes gon come right back,
My heart says boy don't let her think she ain't in love like that,
But I'm sick of this distant shit, girl it's like it's deliberate, you keep saying it isn't but there's something thats different,
Wait... Maybe I'm just getting ridiculous,
How could I never see that you'd have Fucking never been interested in anyone but me im Fucking ugly you're innocent,
Maybe a little more listening, and you'd be right here to witness this,
Ok hold up hold up hold up
Don't you think like that,
She ain't give a fuck about you when she deleted them Texts,
Or maybe she just felt defeated when you treat her like that,
Or maybe she's just finding for another fuckers bed,
Im saying fuck that bitch, I ain't worried bout that,
You a dime a Fucking dozen I'm a find one BET!
Then I come home shattered mirrors and it smell like death,
In a box of my depression, Fucking clothes, empty bed,
Alcohol on the floor, razor blades on the ground,
I would leave but the car that we boughts empty now,
I look over and the passenger seat it's a mess,
I would clean it but who needs it it's only me to impress,
Only me to impress, only me to Impress, only me who's depressed, only me who's in dept,
Only me who regrets, being mean disrespect,
Only me....its only me I'm a mess...
Track Name: Uncomfortably High
So this is how you gon just leave it Huh?
Theres levels and they're uncompleted Uh....

Sit back and I wonder how you'd drive us under,
I'm hot as the summer but you left me sunburnt,
Fall into a slumber I'll never recover,
It's more like a coma,
Devinci to Mona, the backpack on Dora,
The dope in my bowl but like heroin over dose,
Smack me and shake me I'm laughing I'm breaking,
I'm choking don't save me, cause low key I hate me without you to make me,
Get up in the morning and follow this journey, tbh it's boring,
I did all this for you, you did all this for me, my baby! Abort me.
You're saying you're sorry but you just keep walking
I guess Fuck it it's done with, no fuck that quit running, this love it's a drug and I surpassed the summit I'm falling I'm plunging, I'm pulling I'm tugging I'm so high I'm wondering if I can wake up be-fore I hit the concrete,
Plotting and struggling how to make you want me....
Cause living on fucking cloud nine so long,
My mind is gone, gone, gone. Gone,
Can't deal with this change, I'm going insane,
Cause nothing's really been the same since...