Same Old Love REMIX

by D3

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Heard you talking bout how you wanna take off,
Bitch you leaving me you just asking for a breakdown,
Specially when ya think bout, how we always made out,
Struggled til it paid out,
Whatcha gon do on ya birthday now?
Ya lieing, and dying inside when I can just trying and be quiet,
Listen how you been feeling but all I hear is a silence,
Enough with the screaming, enough with the whining,
Enough with the trying,
To fuckin get eachother back,
for Lil this, Lil that
Riddle this, riddle rat,
Hit a dick from the back,
in the bed in the 'llac,
I'd rather get that wet, make ya bend that back, yeah, bet ya yeen wan think bout dat,
Say it's thick, take it fast,
Like a pimp call me dad,
Slap a bitch you been bad,
But by now, I can bet you done forget bout that ,


released November 15, 2015




D3 Portage, Indiana

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